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Hello world!


I’m so excited about starting this blog. Here I will share with you all the recipes that I love.

I’m Iranian. My parents came from Tabriz in northwestern Iran and we moved quite a bit around the country. I learned a lot from my mum, a great cook, about the highly refined cuisine of her native Azarbaijan, a province in northwestern Iran famous for its highly refined cuisine. I’ve also taught myself a few things about the other regional cuisines of Iran. There is so much variety in these cuisines and endless exciting recipes. I sometimes tweak these recipes to create easier, healthier and less time-consuming versions. I also often use Persian ingredients in combination with ingredients from other parts of the world to create fusion-type dishes. I love Spanish, Mexican, North African, Italian, Armenian and Middle Eastern food and ingredients so you will find elements of these great cuisines in my recipes.

So much for the introduction. Now let me share my first recipe with you. It’s a quite easy but very delicious stuffed aubergine (eggplant) recipe. Look for the recipe in the following post. Here we go!

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